Weighted Pull Ups

weighted pull ups

Here’s how to do Weighted Pull Ups, step by step:

1. Get a platform or something to hang so you can do pull ups.

2. Get a weight belt to add weight comfortably. You can also use a backpack, whatever you can afford.

3. Put the weights in the belt or inside the backpack.

4. Get in the pull up position.

5. Pull Yourself Up, start pulling your body up by bending your arms at the elbows. Focus on using your back and arm muscles to lift your body. Keep your chest up and your shoulders down and back. Continue pulling yourself up until your chin is above the bar. This is the full range of motion for a standard pull-up.

6. Slowly lower your body back to the starting position with your arms fully extended. Keep your movements controlled to avoid swinging.

7. Repeat and perform as many repetitions as you can with proper form. Over time, you can work on increasing the number of pull-ups you can do.

Are Weighted Pull Ups Good?

Yes, the are so good. Absolutely crucial for your back muscle development, weighted pull-ups are like the secret handshake of the strong and the mighty. And here’s a little secret for you: they’re not just good for your back; they’re the VIP pass to better overall health. Picture this: if you can gracefully bust out 10 weighted pull-ups with a weight that makes most folks quiver (be it 20 pounds, 70 pounds, or even more), you’re basically the superhero of strength.

Let’s have a laugh for a moment, shall we? I mean, come on, most people can’t even manage a single bodyweight pull-up without looking like they’re auditioning for a slapstick comedy. So, if you can crank out a solid 10 reps of weighted pull-ups, you’re basically flexing on the entire human race. It’s like being the Hercules of the pull-up bar – except you don’t need a lion’s skin to prove it.

Benefits of Weighted Pull Ups

Elevate your lean body mass, sculpt those muscles, and become the masterpiece your loved ones can’t take their eyes off!

Achieving this dream isn’t just a feat; it’s a journey that virtually guarantees you won’t be on the “chubby” side of the weighted pull-up spectrum. I mean, let’s be real – it’s like expecting to find a unicorn in your backyard. Physically impossible!

But there’s more to this magical exercise. It’s like a gateway drug to becoming the Pull-Up Master. Start with 10 weighted pull-ups, and next thing you know, you’ll be casually knocking out 20 pull-ups like it’s nobody’s business. It’s not destiny; it’s science. Your path to pull-up royalty awaits!

Picture this: your lats, upper back, and biceps expanding like they just won the lottery. Who could resist that? We’re talking about a bigger, stronger back and biceps – the kind that makes you feel like the superhero of your own life.

Just remember, as you embark on this incredible journey, keep adding weight once you’ve conquered your target reps in each set and maintain that impeccable form. You’re not just sculpting your body; you’re crafting a masterpiece, my friend.

When To Add Weight To Pull Ups

Once you’ve conquered the realm of cranking out 15-20 pull-ups in succession with your own body weight, you’ve officially entered the “adding weight” club.

It’s like the VIP lounge for strength and gains, and there’s simply no other ticket in town.

In all seriousness, this is where the real magic happens.

Adding weight to your pull-ups is the secret sauce to steadily growing stronger and bigger.

Forget other options; this is the highway to your goal. It’s as essential as sunscreen at a beach party – nothing else will do! So, grab that weight and keep marching forward, because there’s no turning back from here!

What Frequency To Train?

It’s the golden rule of weighted pull-ups: twice a week, no more, no less. This routine isn’t just any workout; it’s your secret sauce to a back that could make even Hercules jealous. And guess what? We’re going to make it fun and efficient.

Here’s the plan: 4 sets one day, and 2 sets the other day. We’re talking business, folks. But remember, keep that weight hefty. If you find yourself lifting a more moderate load, that’s your cue to aim for the grand 15-rep milestone. It’s like climbing Mount Olympus in the world of pull-ups, truly a feat to be proud of!

But as you start hoisting heavier weights and striding into the realm of pull-up greatness, let’s talk strategy. Once you’ve crossed that mythical threshold, the sweet spot lies in the 4 to 6 rep range. This is where superheroes are born, my friend. Keep those weights going up, and let the progress roll in.

And if you want to sprinkle in some variety, why not? How about 2 sets going full-on “heavy mode,” and the other 2 sets dialing it back a notch to the land of “moderate/light.” It’s like giving your muscles a rollercoaster ride they won’t forget.

Do more reps on the moderate range, less reps on the heavuy range.

Weighted Pullup Belt

Alright, when it comes to belts, you’ve got options aplenty.

But here’s a friendly nudge in a particular direction – I personally vouch for this one.

Why? Well, it’s not just because it’s the lucky belt that’s graced my waist for eons, but it’s also the epitome of sturdiness, strength, and comfort. This trusty companion has weathered the storms of many, many years with me.

Now, don’t worry, my friend, I’m no belt elitist.

Choose the one that fits your budget snugly, and you’ll be just as fabulous – whether it’s a fancy belt or the trusty old faithful, you’ve got this!

How To Do Weighted Pull Ups Without Belt

Put weights on a backpack.

Embrace the Backpack: Step one, grab a trusty backpack – it’s about to become your favorite workout partner.

No More Excuses: We’re leaving those excuses in the dust. Strap that backpack on, whether you prefer the “behind-the-back” classic or the “front and center” avant-garde style. It’s time to take action!

Rack Up the Reps: Pump out those pull-up reps with enthusiasm. Your back and biceps are in for a pleasant surprise, and they’ll thank you later.

Buddy Up or Friend’s Duty: Can’t spring for a fancy weightlifting belt? No problem! Backpacks are budget-friendly, gym-ready comrades. Don’t have one? It’s time for a friendly chat with your pals – they owe you a backpack for gym days. True friends always have your back, literally!

A Gentle Reminder: As you embark on this backpack-enhanced journey, a word of caution – while your backpack is a versatile fitness accessory, it’s not indestructible like a traditional weighted belt. Be the wise backpack weight-wizard, not a backpack-busting daredevil!

There you have it, a fun and frugal way to level up your pull-up game. So, let’s have a blast, get fit, and remember, in the world of fitness, it’s perfectly okay to march to the beat of your backpack-wearing drum!


Ok, so this covers everything. Now, go get some gains.

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